Commercial janitorial services

Commercial janitorial services

We have exclusively found that busy offices benefit from having the cleaning support that a janitor provides together with our evening and early morning cleans. Our janitor could work for specific hours per day sheltering those busy lunchtime periods when conferencing rooms need to be cleared, or they could be with you all time depending on your firm’s needs.

Advantages of working with us involve:

  • Clean, healthy atmosphere
  • Customized service solutions
  • Effective & environmentally aware cleaning approaches
  • Complete planning and support
  • Upgraded training and safety schemes
  • Advanced technologies

No matter your premises size, we offer hands-on, professional service. We tailor janitorial services to match the requirements of property management companies, and institutional, commercial, and industrial building owners, and facility managers.

Our knowledge in specially designed facilities make your conversion simple, and our proven procedures and well- trained employees keep services running smoothly.


  • Dedicated crews provide you a consistent clean
  • Creat your own cleaning schedule
  • Custom cleaning based on your needs
  • Deal directly with your local Expert Cleaners Inc. Owner/Operator - gets your job done right every time


Monthly pricing starting at

  • Competitive pricing
  • Your office - your budget, pay only for what you need
  • Flexible plans for small offices, retail, medical and corporate


  • All crew members are screened and carefully selected
  • Criminal background checks are performed before starting work
  • Uniformed crews with photo ID
commercial snow removal


We pride ourselves on providing comprehensive cleaning services at excellent prices, utilizing a combination of the highest standard products and the most effective practices to assure we offer the best probable consequences.

Our fully managed commercial snow removal service initiates as soon as a new client chooses Dominic Enterprises as its service provider. We assure that clients are kept upgraded with preparations for the handover from the outgoing professionals, and the consecutive introduction of our team...

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